MTM Healthcare Solutions Q&A

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions that we haven’t addressed, please send us an email below.  We’ll answer as promptly as possible.



What is MTM Healthcare?

MTM Healthcare Solutions is a full-service retail pharmacy that simplifies medication management by providing an innovative daily dose packaging system for consumers. Our single-dose packs can include not only prescription medications, but also vitamins, supplements and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Our pharmacists work with each patient’s doctor to organize the monthly medication regimen. Each single-dose packet is clearly labeled with the doctor’s instructions — further ensuring the right dose is taken at the right time, no matter how many times a day.

Why choose MTM Healthcare Solutions?

Our convenient packaging system enhances the ease and convenience of taking medications.  No more pill bottles to juggle or refill, no more impossible “child proof” tops. Our single-dose packets tear open easily. This convenient system greatly enhances medication adherence and reduces drug reactions. Taking meds could not be simpler or more error-free.

How does the single-dose packet system work?

Each packet is individually sealed with your meds and vitamins inside, and sequentially arranged in the dispensing container. You select and remove the appropriate packet from the dispensing container and simply take the medication it contains on the date and time indicated.  Our system is designed to ensure that you’re taking the right medication, at the right time, every time.

How and when will I receive my monthly MTM Healthcare Solutions shipment?

Once a month, your 30-day shipment will be delivered to your home in our convenient dispensing box. A MTM Healthcare Solutions associate will contact you on a monthly basis to determine whether there have been changes or additions to your prescription, and to see if you have any questions.

Does my insurance cover this service?

Your prescriptions are covered with MTM Healthcare Solutions as long as they are currently covered by your insurance. You are responsible for any co-pays, just as you would with your regular pharmacy.

Is there a membership fee?


Is there a limit to how many prescriptions MTM Healthcare Solutions can manage for me?

No limit. We can manage any number of monthly prescriptions, including regular meds, vitamins, supplements and OTC drugs.  In fact, patients who take many medications benefit the most from our simple, streamlined and convenient system.

What types of medications can be included in an individual MTM Healthcare Solutions packet?

All daily oral prescription pills, along with vitamins, dietary supplements and over-the-counter pills.

Are there any types of medications that cannot be included in the packs?

Yes, a few types are inappropriate for our system. These include certain antibiotics, chewable tablets or tablets that dissolve easily, PRN or as-needed medications, chemotherapy medications, liquids and injectable medications, and medications that have frequently changed doses. If you have any questions about whether your medication regimen will work with the MTM Healthcare Solutions system, please consult your physician or call a MTM Healthcare Solutions pharmacist.

Can half-tabs or quarter-tabs be included?


Can I still use MTM Healthcare Solutions if my medications are on different schedules?

Yes, in fact, many patients and caregivers on complex schedules derive the most benefits from our highly organized system. That’s because our pharmacists work with your physician and insurance company to get all your medications on the same schedule. Also, by filling all your medications at once, we’re able to more readily identify potential drug interactions.

What is your policy on taking back medications?

By law, a pharmacy cannot take back medications for any reason, whether used or unused. But it’s important that you dispose of expired, unwanted or unused medicine correctly and safely.

How do you recommend we dispose of expired, unwanted or unused medicine?

Start by contacting your city or county government’s household trash and recycling service to see if there is a medicine take-back program in your community, and learn about any special rules regarding which medicines can be taken back. If no take-back program is available in your area, you can follow these simple steps to dispose of most medications in the household trash: (1) Mix medicines with an unpalatable substance such as kitty litter or coffee grounds; (2) Place the mixture in a sealed plastic bag; (3) Throw the bag into the trash; and (4) Before throwing out the pill bottle, scratch off information on the label to make it unreadable. Remember too, always keep your meds out of the reach of children, other adults and pets.

What information will I receive with my monthly shipment?
You will receive the following: (1) A MTM Healthcare Solutions dispensing box to store and organize all of your medications; (2) A monthly MTM Healthcare Solutions dispensing record, which provides you with a comprehensive overview of your medications, the prescribing physicians, the number of remaining refills, and any other special directions; and (3) A MTM Healthcare Solutions invoice.

What payments options do I have for my co-pay and/or supplements?

Credit card, Debit card and ACH.

Are the MTM Healthcare Solutions packets easy to open?

Yes. The single-dose packets are designed to tear open easily. We highly recommend you keep the packets well out of reach of children.

Can I receive MTM Healthcare Solutions outside Florida?

Soon. We are planning to offer our singled-dose medication packaging service in other states in the near future.